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We provide businesses a means to create, build and improve their market presence. To us, it's all about diversity. Websites, shopping carts, email marketing campaigns, direct mail, web or print ads, flyers, brochures, and everything your business needs to get more customers. Don't worry, we also know how to increase your Googleâ„¢ ranking, or create rich, interactive content for Flash. Keep in mind that we are equally adept at custom product prototypes, gold foil, emboss/deboss, or anything else printed.

Ideas. Research. Thinking. Strategy.

Brewster Graphic Design is a sole-proprietorship of Jeff Brewster, located in Fullerton, CA. Specializing in creative design, media and print solutions for all types of businesses, we offer website and internet development including website design, eCommerce, and search engine marketing (SEO/SEM), as well as printed collateral, identity and branding for businesses of all types and sizes. We are a fully-licensed printing-trade reseller, which means we offer competetive pricing on all our print jobs. You will get the best design and customer service, at the best price. We are knowledgable in the use of environentally-friendly vendors, practices and materials, whether it's green servers for our websites, or the recycled paper that we specify in our work. If you are a small business, or a non-profit organization, seeking professional quality design or development, then contact us today.

Internet Design / Development:

  • Websites/Pages/Kiosks
  • Banner Ads, Flash Promotions
  • Eblasts
  • Shopping Carts
  • Database Administration

Print Design:

  • Business Collateral
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Corporate Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Children's Books/Educational Materials
  • Trade Shows
  • Short Run / Large Run
  • Litho/Flexo/Silkscreen/Digital/Pad
  • Packaging Prototypes/Mockups/Comps
  • Title: Apropo Showroom

    Media: CSS/HTML

    Client: ProCreation Studios

    Role: Photoshop to HTML/CSS

    This is an elegant and complex user interface, for a fashion industry website. We created this challenging layout using pure, standards-compliant HTML/CSS. A full-screen, rotating Flash background was a feature of the original launch.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Adams Rite Cool Stuff

    Client: Total Spectrum Advertising

    Media: CSS/Flash/HTML

    Role: Photoshop to HTML/CSS

    A promotional site for AdamsRite, owned by the same parent company of lock and door hardware giants Yale and Schlage. This is a clean and elegant layout which uses neat, concise XHTML (and a few CSS definitions).
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Alacer Corp (Emrgen-C)

    Client: Innovative Solutions

    Media: Flash/XML/HTML

    Role: Photoshop to HTML with Flash

    The client's existing website was expensive to maintain out-of-house. We supplied our own Flash/XML and images, saving time and money on updates. Shown: an update depicting the launch of their Health & Energy Water product.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Markar Website Corporate Re-Design

    Client: Total Spectrum Advertising

    Media: HTML/CMS/CSS/Flash

    Role: HTML with Flash

    Working within the confines of the client's required corporate CMS, we upheld strict corporate design standards, while maintaining our goals for thier site. Experience with HTML/CSS allowed us to use it in creative ways and achieve the client's ideal.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Adams Rite Home Page

    Client: Total Spectrum Advertising

    Media: Flash/HTML/Actionscript

    Role: HTML with Flash and Script

    This seasoned home page has been revised many times, several times by us. We created the two main promotional Flash applets that you see today, as well many other minor changes over the years.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Eagle Quality Wholesale

    Client: Eagle Quality Wholesale

    Media: OSCommerce/PHP/HTTPS

    Role: PHP/LAMP with custom backend

    Needing a more functional eCommerce web presence for a wholesale electronics company, this solution used OSCommerce, and a custom PHP/MySQL back-end, allowed us to perform 2,000+ product updates every month, in just a few clicks.

  • Title: Flash Banner Ad

    Client: Total Spectrum Advertising

    Media: Flash

    Role: Flash/AS3

    This Flash banner ad had to be designed concisely (meaning, the smallest file size possible). Concept elements were re-designed in Flash, and once again our experience in this media paid off so that no content was sacrificed. It also needed to be scripted with Actionscript, in order to work as an advertisement.

  • Title: User Interface(GUI)

    Client: Jetcom Entertainment

    Media: Flash

    Role: Flash/AS3

    This user interface control was for a new touchscreen device to be built and produced by Jetcom for the airline entertainment industry. It had to be done in Flash, relying on Actionscript3, and was a fully functional demo (except the credit card swipe). This interface accompanied the prototype device to the international trade show as a centerpiece of Jetcom's capabilites.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: User Interface(GUI)

    Client: Control Air Conditioning

    Media: Flash

    Role: Flash/AS2

    This user interface and animated demonstration was part of a training presentation, for new HVAC personnel. As part of a new hire's "Training Kit" the animated drawings explains the different systems, practices and nomenclature involved in many common HVAC installations.
    Link to Project =>

  • Title: Health & Energy Water Sales Flyer

    Client: Alacer Corp.

    Media: Flyer (8 1/2 x 11)

    Role: Design/Layout (Illustrator/Photoshop)

    This project raised the bar for sales flyers at Emergen-C. This piece conveys the energy of the brand, while engaging the demographic target with modern "edginess" while preserving the simple readablility of the message. An example of the quality and refinement of our work.

  • Title: Real Estate Postcard

    Client: Seller

    Media: Illustrator/Photoshop

    Role: Design/Layout

    We delivered a postcard that conveyed the style of the house in one look. Quality photos were obtained and retouched, and emphasized in the layout. Listening to the customer and asking the right questions were what made this project a success.

  • Title: Citri-mune Package

    Client: Citri-mune

    Media: Bottle Label

    Role: Label re-design

    We were approached for this label re-design project. Prototypes and mock-ups helped us visualize the final concept before production. We used equity from the original label, and used metallic substrate to give translucent shine to our colors and a metallic border for ultimate shelf-appeal. We also assisted in the creation, registration, and implementation of a scannable UPC barcode, to enable this product to be sold in mass-retail markets.

  • Title: Specialty Invitation

    Client: Private

    Media: Postcard on Watercolor Paper

    Role: Illustrator

    An example of "we do everything". The customer wanted an invitation that he could frame in commemoration of the occasion. A theme was selected and this postcard was the result. Special watercolor paper was chosen for a unique hand-made feel, and a decaled edge for flare.

  • Title: UCB Business Collateral

    Client: United Construction Builders

    Media: Print (various)

    Role: Design/layout

    We designed the identity and stationery, then the customer wanted a sales folder and an invoice. The business card and the folder both featured gold foil logos.

  • Title: New Home Brochure

    Client: Standard Pacific Homes

    Media: Print

    Role: Design/layout

    After designing three comps, this was the version preferred by the client. Clear communication and a tried and true creative process eased the flow of ideas, yielding this modern, elegant layout.

  • Title: We Care Logo

    Client: We Care Family Support Center

    Media: Computer File

    Role: Design/layout

    This logo was created for We Care based on a mark they were using informally. Type, color and shape were all united for this striking, yet simple mark. With budget in mind for this non-profit business, a one-color version was designed to save money on printing. An identity and usage guide were also developed to strengthen the mark and its usage. Of course, various formats of this logo were provided, for any forseeable output situation.


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